A 12 weeks intensive business program for tech startups

The winning company will get a 500 000 NOK offer of investment from Validé and will also be a candidate for a 2 mill NOK minimum investment from Validé Invest AS.

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Thanks to awsome Startups, Partners & People, ITSA is national finalist for best Accelerator program at Nordic Startup Awards. VOTE FOR US HERE :-)


ITSA program #3 launched August 31th 2017

Congratulations to the selected companies:



ACT Cooperation - Fishency - bitYoga - My Hatt - Heia Yoga

Sensokids - Youblob - TERP - System Solutions

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A 12 week accelerator program for startups with two pitch & selection days and a offer of a 500 000 NOK investment from Validé to the best ITSA company.



The ITSA program has a number of business partners with a range of experience that will offer their competence to the ITSA participants during the gatherings.



During the program Startups will have access to free office space at NEST in the Innovation Park

Upcomming events:


Nov 16th, 2017

ITSA Open demo Day & Competition

Previous ITSA Companies:


ITSA COMPANIES IN BATCH 2: Nov 2nd 2016 - feb 23rd 2017


Open Demo Day & Competition for ITSA startups, batch 2, was Feb 23st.


The Winner of the competition was REQUESTIFY. Requestify presented shortly after in the music-spotlight at SXSW. We are exited to follow Christoffer and Davids journey with a mission to change the music industry!


ITSA COMPANIES IN BATCH 1: Jan 14th 2016 - May 26th 2016




The first ITSA Batch!

With guest speaker & founder Siri Kalvig.

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ABOUT ITSA: ITSA aims to make an impact on the startup community in Norway. The accelerator is powered by Validé; Technology Transfer Office, Business Incubator, Accelerator & early stage investments. The Accelerator program builds on many years of experience with developing startups on the West coast of Norway. We aim to be a vibrant hub for startups, entrepreneurs, founders, mentors, investors and students. ITSA runs two accelerator programs a year bringing together new companies, mentors, investors, industrial partners and founders for weekly gatherings and sharings of knowledge, feedback, pitch sessions, network, pains and relieves. We collaborate with other startup hubs and communities in Stavanger and in Norway because we think sharing is caring and we want to strengthen the important community of creating new possibilities and new growth.


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